“Siamini umekua ukimeza ARV’s”-Lulu Hassan leaves her home after she found Rashid taking ARVs

Grief as the love bird and anchors on Citizen TV Lulu and Rashid fight after Lulu burst her husband swallowing HIV drugs in the toilet today.

Lulu Hassan accidentally burst her husband Rashid in their toilet today morning secretly swallowing HIV drugs. Lulu cried claiming she has been suspecting her husband has been cheating on Him of late since November last year.

Lulu says she had trusted her husband very much and she never thought he can hide anything from her as they used to be open to each other,these is shortly after claims went viral that Lulu caught Rashid pants down with their househelp.

Lulu said that she can’t stand the shame and betrayal that her husband has caused her.

“I have always doubted Rashid with this girl every time we go shopping he likes surprising her with gifts but this has never worried me after he decided to buy her a new iPhone 12.

Yesternight after celebrating the new year at midnight, I decided to go and sleep since I was tired, my husband remained in the sitting room writing some scripts

After a long wait in the bedroom, I decided to go and check on him but to my surprise, he was not in the sitting room, I decided to check in the kid’s room but he was still not there.

I decided to go to my housegirls room where I was shocked beyond words after I found him there enjoying his 2021 with our house girl.” She bitterly said.

Lulu Hassan now wants Kenyans to advise her before she thinks otherwise and commit suicide and leave Rashid to marry that house girl.

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