“Ulipata Ukimwi lini na mbona hukuniambia”- Diana cries after she found Bahati swallowing ARV’s in the washroom.

Drama at the king of the ghetto Bahati’s home after Diana found Him swallowing HIV drugs ARV’s in the washroom today morning.

Daina sorbs and blames Her husband Bahati for being unfaithful in their relationship has cost them their lives.

“Baby what have you done to us, I can not stand this shame at all, for how long have you been hiding these drugs from me and when did you start taking them? You have killed me already I don’t know who will mother our kids,” said Diana

Bahati tried to calm her down but she was too bitter to listen saying that she wants to leave and go kill herself.

“I can explain everything happened too fast and I came to realize I was positive when it was already too late but this thing is not a killer as it used to be we can leave it like any other person as long as we take medication and a proper diet.” Said Bahati.

  • Diana now wants Kenyans to advise her according or she poison herself to death.

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