Caroline Kagogo’s body won’t rest at his father’s home, she’s not my Daughter

Barnaba korir, father to the late Caroline kangogo has suddenly refused the burial of her daughter to take place

The father said that Caroline taking her own life was a disgrace not only to him as a father but also to the entire family at large

In his deepest anger, the father to late killer cop Caroline Kangog explained to journalists that even before the demise of his daughter, the relationship between him and her was not fine due to the lifestyle kangogo had and due to their frequent misunderstandings

Due to that, the family declined the dying wish of cremating kangogo’s body claiming that it will be taboo and it’s against the customs and rules of the community.

Kagogo’s father went ahead and told the media That he disowned Caroline as his daughter after she disrespected and disappointed him even after being forgiven for his previous mistakes.

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