“Mbona uliniambukiza Ukimwi”-Yasmin Said(Maria)claims Rashid deliberately infected her with AIDs.

Citizen Tv actress on Maria causes a stir online after her Ex-boyfriend speaks of how he was left by Yasmin after she got money leaving him to die with the deadly virus.

Aziz Abdul a 23-year-old boy who currently lives in Kibra slums claims he was Yasmin’s Saidi Boyfriend before she was given a character on Maria and she left Him after she had infected her with HIV aids.

“I am dying and I always pray to Allah to protect Yasmin for me since she is the girl I had ever loved even after she told me she was born positive I was more than ready to marry her and leave with her on my side.

Yasmin left me when I was very sick and I just wanted someone besides me to comfort me but all was in vain, she never even came to visit me when I was admitted.

When I was discharged from the hospital I found she had carried all her clothes and she even blocked me that I couldn’t call or text her.

Every time I watch her smile on TV I feel good and pray to God to continue protecting her.

Aziz cries for Kenyans to help him raise his medical bills.

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